You will be given a prescription for oral Prednisone. It is very important that you take this according to the exact schedule provided below. This type of regimen for taking medication if often called a “taper,” because your dosage will steadily decrease over a three week period until it is discontinued altogether.

ALWAYS take this medication with food to prevent it from irritating your stomach. You should also take your Prednisone during morning hours.

If you gain more than two pounds in one day, notice swelling anywhere on the body, have shortness of breath, black or red bowel movements, brown or red vomitus, desire to drink large amounts of fluids, a fever, or extreme weakness or if you have any questions or concerns, please call the office

Oral Prednisone over Three Weeks – 150 tablets
Day Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
1 12 Tablets 9 Tablets 5 Tablets
2 12 Tablets 8 Tablets 5 Tablets
3 11 Tablets 8 Tablets 4 Tablets
4 11 Tablets 7 Tablets 4 Tablets
5 10 Tablets 7 Tablets 3 Tablets
6 10 Tablets 6 Tablets 2 Tablets
7 9 Tablets 6 Tablets 1 Tablets

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