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Post Procedure Care Instructions

     • Biopsy

    • Chemical Peel

    • Cryosurgery

    • Curettage

    • Efudex (5-FU) Therapy

    • Prednisone Taper
         2 week
         3 week

    • Sclerotherapy

    • Sun Smart (Photoprotective) Activities

    • Wound Care
         Open – Granulating
         Intact Dressing

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  Actinic Keratoses   
  Found on chronically sun-exposed skin

Usually 2 - 10 millimeters in size

Classically red, scaling papules and thin plaques. May be tender to the touch or feel like a thorn stabbing into
the skin

May appear very similar to a wart. It is unusual for adults to develop warts.

May be seen on patients in their 20-30's who have a history of significant sun exposure or tanning bed use